Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Mish Mash on a Rainy Day

What occupies your mind on any given day? Here's a look at mine right now:

1. Its a rainy day on the Island...why is always rainy at the WORST times? Im really hoping it clears out by tomorrow, as we're scheduled to do our "Moving Sale" and believe me, we need to have this sale! About half of our garage is currently in boxes for the sale and I NEED THOSE BOXES!

2. Someone test drove the Beast and seemed to be VERY interested so we got all excited that they would buy it and we wouldn't have to worry about the darn thing when we moved ...but they never called us back about it and I think that deal must have fallen through for some reason. Anyone want a 1991 Ford Taurus? It has new paint, battery, brakes, tailights, and molding. Its CLEAN! It runs fine! BUY IT! PLEASE!

3. I recently heard from a good friend, who I had lost touch with during a particularly bad time in my life. Makes me feel kind of odd, because I have come so far and changed so much in my outlook on life and of myself since we were close. Im glad I found that profile on MySpace though... its good to be back in touch with old friends (even if you had to use MySpace to do it!)

4. I need to change the laundry over and finish my coffee and call Queenie to schedule our meeting time for pottery this afternoon (because I have 2 pieces that I have to finish before we move. ACK!) and keep on with the research downloading for work (BORE-ing, but necessary) and....

5. That bush is really green. Must be the rain. Or maybe some weird green fungus that is slowly melting the real plant and taking over like a Telosian mandalore.

6. Titai, MOVE. PLEASE! My hand is perfectly clean and doesn't need you to lick it.

7. Id better pack up the linen closet today, wonder what I can put in that box with the stuff... maybe photos? hmm, not many of those left. Oh! I know! Andy's valet box and shoe-shine kit... that will fit nicely

SEE!? And that was just in a 10-minute period. Gosh. Think how scary it would be to be in my brain all the time. I know Im quite petrified at times.


MrsPooley said...

what a great idea... tho i'm not sure if i could identify most of the thoughts in my head... it's intriguing enough to try tho!

LadyBoyd said...

Its kind of disconcerting to realize how many things you're actually thinking about at any given time. Especially cause while you're thinking about all of them you're also thinking about thinking about them which means you're really thinking WAY too much....

christina said...

i hear ya on the thoughts, i have many running through my head every single day, like why the kids don't listen, what am i gonna wear ect.. ect.. anyways hope the moving is going well, we sure are gonna miss you. i think we may have a few boxes, let me look but dont quote me yet....wish i had the time just to sit and write a cool lil blog. oh well maybe one day when my brain actually works.
have a good afternoon!

Harriet Pierce said...

oK WE CHECKED IN TODAY TO see if there were any changes or updates to your planned arrival here in the Desert. Do you know when you will arrive? When do you have to leave? Mom loves your blog so we always check it out when I am here I will be checking my email so if you respond please send to that address. Can't wait to see ya.

Love GG & Auntie