Friday, July 07, 2006

Coffee Cat Part Deux: The Discerning Panther

Ok, All of you know by now that Oberon (aka Oobers, Obie, Obes, Obiwan-Kenobi cat, and Boo) is a coffee-lovin' fool. I have recently (read 5 minutes ago) discovered that he also is a DISCERNING coffee lover. I was sitting here at my desk diligently composing an abstract on HIV and bone mineral density when he jumped up to check things out. (He regularly looks over my work and either approves or raises a ruckus when he's not pleased with how I turned a particular phrase). He plopped down across the closed laptop and stretched his nose toward my coffee mugs. I say mugs because I, being a slob and in the middle of moving, hadn't taken my mug from YESTERDAY downstairs yet so both yesterdays coffee mug and today's coffee mug, with a little left in the bottom, were sitting on the desk. He stretched his nose out and sniffed left (todays) and right (yesterdays), then got up and walked the 2 steps over to DRINK FROM TODAYS. He shunned the day-old coffee, folks.

That is one discerning (picky?) coffee-loving cat.

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