Friday, July 28, 2006

Migration... continued!

Migration: Day 3
The endless road...

...and the sleepy kitties....

Stand out moments Tuesday:

When Hubband saw his first stand of prickly pear and hollered “PRICKLY PEAR!” while flinging his hand across my face to point them out.

When we both were bellowing out the lyrics to “We are the Champions” with Queen, off-key at times (at least I was…) and grinning like fools.

Later, we chased a mini, trying to catch him for coopercatch, but he was late, late, for a very important date and all we got was a glimpse of his white tail racing importantly down I-5.

Lice cars. I’m not kidding! Look!


Very hot… we had a great time with the family, though, and were able to see Mama’s grave, too. Unfortunately, I forgot about my camera for most of the only 2 pictures.

We spent Wednesday evening at my cousin’s home, chowing down on Chinese food and floating in their beautiful new(ish) pool. It was funny though, because its been so hot out that the water in the pool was 93 degrees! Not very refreshing until after the sun went down. It was great to talk with Sarah and Auntie H that night, though, and get to know Alyssa and Austin a little better. Andy had a lot of fun playing “shark” with the kids.  Thursday was a family day, too, with most of us piling into the suburban and heading into the valley to see mama’s grave. The trip was emotionally difficult, but Im glad we were able to go with all of us. Before we left the cemetery, Andy said a nice prayer with the whole group. That night, he and I bought the goods for our “Flamboyant Flank Steak” recipe stolen from Queenie and mentioned before on the blog here… We cooked ‘em up for Grandma and Grandpa and they both seemed to really like it. I also did roasted garlic, sour cream, and fresh rosemary mashed potatos. The rosemary was a touch strong in the potatoes… but that didn’t stop us from noshing down! Sarah, Alyssa, and Austin came by just as we were sitting down, and they dove in too. It was fun being able to cook for my family.

Migration: Day 6 (Friday, if you're confused since I didn't post a couple days)
On to Phoenix! Today is Grace’s 3rd birthday … Happy Birthday, Gracie! We’re going to celebrate with her when we arrive this afternoon. Today is our shortest driving day, with only 241 miles to cover from Indio to Phoenix. The heat is horrible, we hit about 115 every day in Palm Springs and its just gettin’ hotter as we go east into the desert. We’re actually contemplating doing a “night drive” for the final 2 days of push from Phoenix to Arizona… we’ll see.

We got word this morning that C-mom has gotten the job in Oak Harbor! WAHOO! Congrats, C-Mom! Of course, we’re disappointed that it didn’t happen until AFTER we left Oak Harbor. Hehe.

CACTUS! CACTUS! Sorry to yell, but that what Hubband is hollering in my ear right now. “SAGUARRO! LOTS OF SAGUARRO! SAGUARRI!” 

I’ll close for now, as this is a long entry. Pics and more on the Phoenix weekend when we get to the hotel! Just a couple more pics of today's road trip before I leave...


MrsPooley said...

okay bro, what's with the "don't laugh i'm trying to grow sideburns" look? huh huh?

Queenie said...

(snork) swear to jeez, I'm sitting here TOTALLY there while hubband is hollering about saguarri and prickly pears. DAMMIT I wish I were there.

Christina said...

sounds like you are having a trip to remember! cant wait until you get to your destination, and give us all an update! hope all is well. and dakota says hi and miss you!
take care


HIP for Sure said...

We so Enjoyed your visit, even the hard day....Be sure to let us know when you land(hehe) and keep in touch. Love you Very Much.
Auntie H