Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Busy Boyds

Whew! We had such a fun/busy weekend I hardly know where to start. We took Sabbath "off" as usual, although we did do some putzing around the house after sundown. By Sunday morning, however, all bets were off! We slurped up breakfast and coffee, slathered ourselves in mosquito repellant, and attacked the jungle of our front yard.

Before (this was actually taken in April, before it overgrew itself by another few feet of bushes and inches of leaves...)

We spent approximately 6 hours raking, pruning, digging up unwanted bushes, and spraying round up on all of the grassy stuff lining the driveway (tried to dig them out as that is where our daffodils and tulips will be planted next month, but they did NOT want to come... roundup was the next option). At the end...this is what we had!

Yesterday was Hubband's first day of work at the deli, and it went pretty well. He's still antzy to find something a little better paying and more "interesting", but he's been pleased so far with the management... we'll see what happens. After he got off work we went to Lowe's and spent a happy 3-4 hours planning out our kitchen. We discovered that we have good taste! All of the cabinets we liked best were, shockingly, the most expensive ones. >sigh< We got the design/layout finished though, and have an appointment on Sunday with the designer to price out the lower-end cabinets. The upper-end fully custom cabinetry would have run us around $10,800 ... and that was installing them ourselves! >gulp< We're hoping to spend about that on the entire kitchen, but our guy was encouraging, and pointed us in the direction of a good but less expensive line. We found some things there we actually liked better so we'll see how that helps our bottom line. Once the cabinets are chosen, we get to move on to the counters (hopefully granite!), appliances, backsplash tile, light fixtures, and sink. Woot! It really is a lot of fun... and a lot of work! We're getting a better idea of how much we'd like to get our home equity loan for, though, and we're going to a cabinet and a flooring liquidator warehouse to price out their options as well. :-)

We're also excited about the prospect of our first visitor! My FIL is going to be in Nashville on business next week and will be driving through on Friday on his way down to some more business in MS... We're hoping to coerce him into staying all weekend. :-)

Im off to work ... I'll leave you with a picture of my boys... just for grins.


Queenie said...

That man's hair is OUT OF CONTROL.
And PS? SO jealous of your stinkin' adorable house. :))

Christina said...

that house is beautiful, glad things are going well. things here are doing better, but ill send ya an email and give you updates and pictures. have a good night

HIP for Sure said...

House is REALLY Cute glad things are going well

Xboyd said...

Oh, your house is looking homier by the moment! As to your two boys.....>sifle a little tear< you're so far away! But they do look happy and contented!