Monday, September 25, 2006


In the shower this morning I was having a very serious talk with myself. I had discovered a latent annoyance (latent! who am I kidding!) with celebrities who's entire goal of life seems (I say seems because I do not know these people, only the face they present to the world) to be to shop and party and buy all the latest and newest toys. While I know that this is in part why they are famous and why they make so much money, I can't help but wonder why more people with money aren't more responsible about it.

If I were really fabulously wealthy, I would want to give to charities, of course, but one of the greatest dreams I have is to have that money and be able to find someone or some family who is deserving. Not because they have had seven million hardships, but because they try so hard every day to manage things and keep going and still do the special things. A family like so many of my friends have... who dont NEED a large influx of cash, but would have so much fun buying gifts for their family and fixing all the little things that need fixing, and maybe buying a new winter coat for the first time in 8 or 9 years... Wouldn't that be fun? Perhaps the desire is a selfish one, as I wish sometimes that that would happen to us.

I actually dreamed the other night that I won a contest for $20,000 to decorate one room in my house AND ONLY THAT ONE ROOM and I was very upset because that much money? Could almost renovate my entire house and leave a tidbit leftover to get Hubband that mixer he wants (sound, not food). Of course, I'd also love to buy my sisters a trip to a spa, surprise my MIL by getting her out of debt, fly my grandmother to meet her newest Great Great Grandson in CT, etc.

Come on Paris, Lindsay, Nicole, Jessica... wouldn't that be more fun than yet ANOTHER trip to Barney's or Rodeo Drive?


Queenie said...

Yeah, but how fabulously welathy are we talking aobut here? Millions? Billlions? Does Bill Gates have more of a (unwritten and maybe moral) sort-of possible oblgation to give than say, Nicole or Jessica? Is it just a bracket thing that could be applied to others that are so called "well off"?
You know, that thought was meant to be profound. I don't think it came out right. Maaaaan....

Anonymous said...

haha . . . yeah

LadyBoyd said...

Yeah, yeah. I didn't mention the ones I admire.. that would have detracted from my snarky point! hehe. HOWEVER, there are wealthy people who use their money in good ways: Bill and Melinda Gates, Angelina Jolie, Bono... :-)

Xboyd said...

I have to agree that I've always wanted to use wealth to give to my friends; not that they are so needy, but because they hang in there, day after day, doing what's right and get No recognition. And maybe that's 'what its all about' anyway. Hanging in there, giving when we have 'nothing' to give. I will back up a bit and say this does not apply to helping others so much you lose your soul-self. I've been down that road and nearly didn't come back. I always think of the story in the Bible where the rich Pharisee gave of the extra he had, while the widow gave her essence of living expenses. Jesus blessed the widow. It always makes me humble; willing to give more adn to realize that I really do have enough.
and PS: If you do get extra, get yourself out of debt first! :o)