Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Miscellaneous Little Notes

Today when I went to deposit a check (yeah Verizon Wireless refund! Yeah Verizon overpay refund!) I passed this store and just couldn't resist the sign in the window. (Undfortunately, none of the shots I took with my camera phone came out clear enough) There was a white sheet of paper taped in the window of Paco's Cafe (closed Tuesdays) with a blue and white picture depicting the fact that the Paco's has male, female, and handicapped restrooms available. Above the image it said "Costumers Welcome". I wonder what they would do if I walked in without buying food, while wearing a Princess Leia outfit, and asked to use their restroom....

We also have now had TWO bathroom disasters in 24 hours. At 11:15 last night, hubband was nastily knee deep in guck from a toilet overflow that threatened the master bedroom. We were able to confine the mess to the bathroom, but he ended up having to fix it by HAND and then pratically BATHED in bleach before he showered and came to bed. Tonight? The other bathroom decided to get in on the fun. This time, he was able to catch it and stop it before the actual overflow occurred, but I still made a rush run to Rite Aid for a plunger. Twice in 24 hours is pretty indicative of the fact that we will probably need one in the future!

Our cat has started channeling Queenie's cat, Augustus (aka Auggie, gus gus, NEEERRRDDD, etc). He has started losing his train of thought during a bath and ends up sitting there with a leg wrapped around his neck watching the world go by as though all were hunky dory. Who knows, maybe that is comfortable in middle-aged cat land. He also has started mimicking Auggie's call to the household at 3 am. Instead of just a random "MRAOW" noise we hear plaintive little "huh whoa?" "HA WHOOOAAAA???"s coming from the hall outside our door. The first time he did this? We both sat straight up in bed, looked at each other, and cracked up.

My niece has started protesting nicknames. Sis tells me that today for instance she told her Daddy very firmly " "I told you three times dont call me fuzz or stuff, I AM GRACE". At least she knows. :-D I wonder how she'll react to her Uncle calling her Gracie Poo when she's 14...

I, the inveterate chocolate hater, have been craving the stuff like mad for about 3 weeks now. No, not pregnant, not even hormonal... just craving it. I finally gave in and bought some hot cocoa. Hopefully that will assuage the evil demon that is asking for that ... STUFF.

I have tried to call my sis THREE times in the last 4 days. WOODSIDESPRITE?! HALLO?! ARE YOU THERE?!!!!! I finally resorted to singing incredibly off-key songs to her answering machine. I think we're bonding. I've asked it to let her know that I am in need of a Plantier Girl Chat Fest. We'll see what happens.

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Xboyd said...

Eeeeuuuuu! I don't think you need a plunger, I think you need a plumber to clean out all your pipes! Are you connected to the city sewage system? Maybe they need to do something at the street level.

Cats! mine has decided she has much more room to RUN!