Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cabin Fever

I realized this morning that other than the daily walks around the neighborhood that I have been taking every day I haven't been out of the house since Monday. MONDAY! We have a small house, people, and its no wonder Im contemplating eating everything in sight, turning into a TLC-loving couch potato, and taking random naps and snipes at the cats/hubband. I decided today that this was a problem and demanded that I be taken on a date tonight.

Working from home is always held out to us as the "holy grail" of the working world. "Have your cake!" they say "Eat it too... in your PAJAMAS!". But what they dont tell us is that working from home will limit the work you can do. You will not be able to have a widely varied set of duties because the company can only send you certain types of things. This wont matter for the first year or so until you've worked your way through each one several times. After that? It gets old. Then there is the fact that the only human interaction you get is outside the house or with your husband/kids/pets. Some days I'll have someone knock on my door to sell me something and Im ready to invite them in for tea! cake! cookies! TALK TO ME PLEASE! Finally, working from home means that when your spouse comes home at the end of the day and wants nothing more than to collapse on the couch and watch reruns of SciFi shows with a pile of snacks at the ready... you have been in the house all day, and want nothing more than to leave it!

I will admit that being in a town where we know very few people (all of whom work or are in school OUTSIDE the home) and sharing a car and living off a single salary (for the moment) probably add to the problems. After all, if Hubband has the car I can't very go somewhere outside the neighborhood! And if I take him to school, I still have to worry about finding something free to do and am still alone.

Have any of you ever experienced this? Are you all still like the guy who came to check if our BellSouth telephone service was still the "best deal" for us and spent 10 minutes talking about how lucky I am to work from home? If not, if you're like me... got any suggestions on how to do something inexpensive and outside the house in an hour or less?


Xboyd said...

Hey, I don't work at home, but I definitely know the lonely feelings. I'm getting some cabin fever myself, feeling 'stuck on the island'. I'd drive off the island, but I'd only go shopping and with my low salary (grrrrrr), that needs not to happen. I'm way too impulsive with my finances. I've already done enough internet shopping to last a long while!

Oh, I could go to church meetings or stay at work overtime (without getting paid), but I'm not into either right now. I've gone to the grocery store twice this week . Jen took me to the exchange once, too. I have plenty of food for the winter. :o) I can't seem to get up early enough to make it to Curves, which is BAD! I've walked only once this week. Even walking main street is losing its allure. Walked as far as DQ and decided NOT to go in.....good for me! But I ate 1/2 bag of Kisses much for good habits.

We need to find a 'best friend social group.' Anybody have any ideas?

Xboyd said...

ps. Invitng service guys in for tea must be one of those Southern Bell things setting in.....maybe that's why they had so many 'tea parties'.....they were just lonely, stuck out on the plantation!tjpcd

Xboyd said...

I like to do this with a package of frozen mixed berries and oatmeal and butter added to a yellow cake mix....similarly! It is yummy and rich with even vanilla ice cream! Lemon sorbet would be even yummier!