Thursday, November 09, 2006

Autumn thoughts

This is my favorite time of the year. I woke a little late today so I haven't had time to shower and dress. Instead, Im sitting here at my temporary computer station by the front windows, with the sheers pulled back and the window cracked to let in the crisp fresh air. The clean fresh scent of the earth after rain, the bright blue sky without a single visible cloud, and the tree just turning to gold across the way all have conspired to make me a very content person. I wrote a poem about the fall the other day, the first poem Ive written in months. I wasn't sure I wanted to share it, since its just a "draft" so to speak, and as a writer Im terrified of "bad reviews". However, what is life without a little risk? :-)

Golden spiral through
the misty grey
vibrant red pulse
penetrates fog and
heartbeat of Autumn fighting
conversion until the
the last and the
brightest leaf
falls, gently succumbing
to the roaring, spinning
wheels of Winter. She
steals Autumn's kiss
raping her colors
with her winds and
Autumn falls with
only a whisper
a sigh
and silence under


HIP for Sure said...

Like the poem but not the Black back ground. Sorry!

Gma got a good report today from Kidney Dr. there is a little blockage on the left kidney but at 81 he is NOT going to do anything about it. Gave her some Lasik but ONLY for 5 days. He also wants her back on PT so they will be calling St. Anthony's to come back. That was really good for her to have the PT and outside visits from the nurses. It seemed to help her improve more. Sorry did not mean to get so windy!!!!!

Danger Elf said...

ok plath...

MrsPooley said...

i like it! it starts slow and smooth like a leaf falls then gets intense and crazy like a storm and then is silent and slow again... i got all caught up in it.

LadyBoyd said...

Wow, MP and DE! Thanks for the great compliments!