Monday, November 20, 2006

Our World

Wow, I think this is the longest I've ever gone without a post since I started the blog! It just goes to show you how crazy things have been over here in Tennesseeland.

Queenie began the painstaking process of updating my blog (see!)... we'll do some tweaking one of these days. :-)

We got the new back door installed:

Hubband finished installing the new recessed header in the attic, we tore down the old one and the old sink wall could finally be removed, he ran the new wiring, did some repairs to the current plumbing and began the process of moving the sink, and we got the windows removed, boarded up, sealed, and the insulation put in.

POUF! All that's left before we can finish the drywall is to replace our current electrical box and run the new wiring for the stove. I think Hubband plans to do that today, but since he has an Algebra test tomorrow, the studying MUST come first!

We have had a couple other newsworthy happenings... yesterday when my high school buddy Krissa was here helping us out, she and I took on the noteworthy job of framing in the second window hole. As hammering upside down and above my head is not my forte its not TOO surprising that as some point I had the hammer rebound and the handle caught me high up on the right cheekbone. Im hoping it doesn't bruise, if it does? Thanksgiving photos this year will have me with a doozy of a shiner! So far, its just swollen. I have high hopes.

We finally got our notification from the Navy regarding our move refund. HALLELUJAH! Not only that, but the amount was such that we will be able to potentially get ourselves a stove and fridge that actually work for our Christmas present to ourselves. w00t!

Now I am off to work... with a gorgeous fall scene out of my window. Hopefully.... I'll be able to put in my daffodil bulbs at lunch time. We had a frost last night!