Thursday, November 02, 2006

I can't believe I missed the ubiquitous Halloween post!

It was an interesting one...Hubband got home from work around the same time I finished and we ended up crashing out and taking a luxurious TWO HOUR NAP. Yes, people, we NAPPED... on a WEEKDAY... for TWO HOURS. Didn't get us very far on the kitchen or studying or anything like that, but boy did we come out of it feeling better able to attack our projects! We also woke up QUITE suddenly with the remembrance that it was DARK outside and KIDS were coming and we didn't have our lights on! The candy was properly placed in a bowl for easy dispensation! After rushing around getting everything ready we promptly waited another 1.5 hours before anyone arrived. hehe.

Oh well. It gave us time to run to KFC and pick up dinner and then settle down in front of the tv to watch Hellraiser: Bloodlines while the trick or treaters came by (we knew we wouldn't get anything done on the house since Hubband had to study after the kids came, so we just took the evening... kind of like we took the afternoon. Daggum it.). Well, let me rephrase. Hubband watched the movie... I watched snippets of it with my face covered by either a book, my hands, or Hubband... whichever was closest at the time! The story was full of needless gore (hello early 90s horror movie!) but did have a somewhat interesting plot line. You see, there is this puzzle box... and it... but then... and then the kid... but it was actually in the past... and now... but REALLY the whole space station is.... and .... see? Interesting, eh? That's about as much of it as I watched. >grins< Still, fun to push the "envelope" on Halloween.

In other news... our cabinets are being delivered today! I rushed around this morning trying to clear spaces for them in this disaster of a house. We have furniture, kitchen items, miscellaneous stuff, and renovation materials scattered hither and yon and piled high on each available surface. This is going to get interesting. Hubband is trying to get Sunday off work so we at least have ONE WEEKEND without sickness, me gone, him working, etc. The goal is to have the wiring done and the door in by the end of the day Sunday. Saturday night, he's hoping to replace the header with an "up" header (instead of hanging UNDER the beams and on top of the supports, it will have the beams hanging from IT while its on top of the support...) and we'll also knock down the entire "arch" that is in the way right now. Then, next week, we pop out the windows and frame them in. He's already cut a lot of the lumber for that so it really just takes a dry day with him home early enough to take advantage of the sunlight.

Hubband has TWO tests today AND one tomorrow, so please pray for him! Tests are always a bit difficult for him...


flashflood said...

yeah it feels great to just sit back and relax. IT sounds like you guys are super busy.

Xboyd said...

Hey, we all need a break once in awhile. I need a break this evening, as I was ready to "break" a kid today....and not with the 'whisperer' methods, either!