Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oh the trials of Renovation and "Gag orders"....

The police have called us to have us elaborate on our statement regarding the afore-obliquely-mentioned incident. I was advised by several parties to not post a full description of the incident until either more time has passed or the police have resolved the incident. Sorry guys! It HAS been written, as I said, so just holler if you want to read about it.

We got our new back door (mostly) installed yesterday! Its amazing how much more light is let into the kitchen area. I really think if we paint a nice bright cheerful color in there it won't even be noticeable that the 2 windows are gone. And the windows? Are our next project. When Hubband gets home from work this afternoon, we're going to tackle the enormous project of knocking out and removing the steel frame of a window, then reframing, putting the exterior board on, insulating, etc. Our goal is to finish 1 window today and then do the header, final demo, and wiring by Sunday morning so we can use Sunday to replace the electric box outside and the 2nd window. After that? Its just drywall, paint, lights, scrape the ceiling, hang the cabinets, and lay the tile. GRAVY!

Do you see how nicely positive I am? Of course, you're not seeing me last night after we finally got the door (mostly) done and the house looked like a tornado had ripped through and stuck its fingers into every corner of the house and just twirled them all up and let them fall. I had to get out of the house so we went to Patricks for dinner. Again, not really in my diet, but ohhh, the turnip greens are sooo good...and they panfry the cornbread.... and the fried chicken stays crispy even with the bechamel on it... and... well, I was going to say something about their insanely delicious cobblers but we had enough willpower to resist them last night. And when we got home, I didn't even start gnashing my teeth or tearing at my hair again. In fact, I dont even think my eyes were wild for more than an hour or two.

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