Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So this Monday we had a scary/surreal experience that even the police are saying is odd. In fact, a detective told us that the whole incident was "unheard of" in Memphis as a whole, let alone our quiet and poky neighborhood. I dont want to post about the incident as it is still under investigation. If you're really curious, email me and I'll send ya the whole big post I wrote up but can't use.

I did get something out of the fear and adrenaline though, I used them as an excuse to eat a giant cinnamon roll and drink real, caffeinated coffee with CREAM. Other than that, though, we haven't let it get us down.... Last night? On the way home from Costco we entertained ourselves for 20 minutes by whistling the theme to the Andy Griffith Show and testing out different harmony lines.

We're such dorks.

Oh, and in other news? Some CD that was released about a year ago apparently is making it big on the Memphis scene right now and one of the songs on the album contains my cell phone number. Yes, MY NUMBER. Ive been getting calls all day from preteens. Thank goodness we got a call from a DJ last night, so we were forewarned.

The back door is being put in as I type! Photos are hard to come by as our digi battery is on its last legs (wont even recharge). We have video though, does that count?


Xboyd said...

So, the whole thing is under investigation, huh? So the police have come back to talk to you since Tuesday?

I can't believe the detective thought the whole incident was 'unheard of' in Memphis....its common everywhere! Weird!

Lilo is doing better, I think. She isn't eating much, but hasn't thrown up ...yet... today.

Love ya!

Queenie said...

DUDE, I can NOT believe that you're not even gonna post about the crazy! It's so BLOGWORTHY! (a-hum)
Anyhoo, teehee on your phone number being on a CD I must know who it's by so I can bootleg it for myself.....

Anonymous said...

ok . . . WHAT HAPPENED!?!

LOL, still getting phone calls?

Christina Russell said...

alright now im curious......LOL email me
hope things are aliright.