Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ella at 24 weeks

We had pics of the belly at 24 weeks yesterday, now here are some pics of Ella at 24 weeks! This may be our last ultrasound of the pregnancy... they had to look at her face again to verify that she was ok. All was good, no cleft palate, no mongoloid features, etc. According to the tech, she has "long skinny fingers" (we saw fingers, but wouldn't have known them to be longer or skinnier than usual). As we watched, she doubled up and kicked a good wallop with both legs, which cracked us all up. Here they are then, the latest and greatest!

In the top one, I think it looks like she's blowing bubbles... or are those her hands? Anyone?

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Xboyd said...

Do you think she has 'Boyd' cheeks? uh....on her face? :o0