Thursday, November 15, 2007

Reality is....

Sabbath afternoon walks with our puppy
Going over bills and seeing how much more the desired/owed outgoing is than the actual incoming amount

Being awakened by the most vicious leg cramp

Seeing a stroller and car seat in my office that are MINE for MY child

Heartburn from really good lasagna

Heartburn from oatmeal

Heartburn from a sandwich

Hubband cleaning the living room, foyer, and front bathroom for me while I cook for an impromptu dinner party

A 95% complete living room, missing only baseboards to be the first completed room in our entire house
Peaceful coexistence...for now


HIP for Sure said...

You know they say lots of heartburn lots of hair on the babe's head :-)!!!!Looking cute, honey, love u lots.....

Rachel said...

So cute!!!
you are looking adorable!
You've been tagged! Come see.

Janeen said...

Soooooo love the living room! Try more calcium to help with leg cramps. tee hee, the stroller might work with wheels.:)

LadyBoyd said...

Oh! Didn't I mention that they forgot to send us the rear axle so we can't put it together yet? hehe.