Sunday, November 04, 2007


Im wondering why its called free... not only do we charge for freelance work (whether seeking or providing), but once you have it to do, you're no longer free with your free time because its now being taken up by freelancing. Just an observation.

I took on a new freelance client, at a much reduced rate from my normal, to help us get a little extra cash (and Im saving to get Hubband something fun for Christmas!). So far? What I thought would be 3-5 hours on Sunday has turned into something more like 12+ hours a week. Not that our wallets will complain, but here I sit on a Sunday afternoon ready to do some serious loafing and instead am drafted to verify permission status for a manuscript. Its days like this, when all the pets are snoozing and the sun is pouring in, that I wonder what on earth possessed me to shackle myself to computer on my one free day.

Oh yeah. Free-lance.


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Xboyd said...

Go outside to keyboard!