Friday, May 02, 2008

2 Months Update

Ella had her 2 month checkup and first shots yesterday. I give some of the details in this video...and because I was dreadfully tired, I give them more than once. Please forgive this, and enjoy the smiles and goo's that make up the interesting portion of the soundtrack.


Xboyd said...

Boy! Do I ever wish we could be closer together so I could get all this in person! Also, How are we going to get all these cousins together so they can know and love each other?

I think Ella has already picked up your coyness, dipping and batting her eyes.....giggle, giggle!

90%tile, huh! Watch out neighborhood, here she comes!!!!!!

Isn't it warm enough to take off that hat so I can see her fuzzy cute head? Love ya so much!!!! said...

oh shes beautiful. and boy do i ever miss those coy lil grins and giggles. ahh those were the days enjoy them. you have the perfect little family. we miss you terribly. hope to talk and chat with you soon.
love ya lots