Monday, May 12, 2008

How the House Hubband Spends His Days...

Ok, not really. At least, not ALL day... but at least 2 times a week this is the scene in my office chair. As a matter of fact, if you had a bit of sunshine to that photo, put Ella in a yellow playsuit (with her Walla Walla sweet onion bib) and Hubband in a Corpsman t-shirt you have my office chair at this exact moment. To make matters more sleepy, Priscilla is curled up on the guest bed behind me. Is it any wonder that I'm dying for a nap at this time of day?

I've been keeping myself awake with a combination of work and planning dinner. I'm going to make turkey meatloaf (attempt?!) tonight, with mashed potatos and roasted broccoli. If I am energetic enough, the meatloaf will include some cheese and be topped with a sun dried tomato pesto. If not? Well, I think I'll do it anyway. :-) It sounds pretty darn good right now. Comfort food is what everyone needs after a hard weekend of being lazy.

UPDATE: I grabbed the camera and shot this when Priscilla jumped off the bed and joined Hubband and Ella...Don't you want to join in that nap, too?

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