Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My ticker

You may notice the ticker at the top of my page. It was carefully selected for my MIL and Hubband... musical score and blue elephant! Hopefully will be a good luck charm as we progress from 3 weeks to 40 weeks....


*** said...

YIPPY!! It's about time!

Best wishes


Xboyd said...

Little blue elephant princes and princesses (?) appearing all over the place! So fun, my heart sings, I have a smile ALL the time; I bore anyone I see (even the grocery clerk) with Yes, I'm going to be grandma TWICE! :o> Hugs and kisses to all.....are you ready to be parents 24/7 for the next umpteen kazillion years? I'm sure that being a parent is much harder than being a grandparent!:o>