Thursday, June 28, 2007

5 weeks, heartbeat, and nausea

Today I am 5 weeks. Sometime last night, the baby's heart started beating! And now there are only 3 more weeks to put in before I get to see the doctor, and my baby!!!, for the first time.

I think I mentioned already that I have discovered since my pregnancy that I go from not at all hungry to starving in less time than it takes a corvette to hit 60 mph. Yesterday, that morphed into my first bout with morning sickness. I waited just a teensy bit too long from feeling the starvation warnings to actually getting food into my stomach and almost lost it. I pulled into the closest non-fast food restaurant (I didn't want the extra grease...), forced myself to chew a bit of dried pineapple before moving, and went inside. I ordered my fav salad they have and even then, had to FORCE myself to eat the first few bites because it smelled funny to me.

I've been told that's normal. I've been told morning sickness is a "good sign". I was thrilled the first time, but when I walked into the kitchen has Hubband was putting something in the trash and had to bolt for the sink? I was ready to be done with this whole morning sickness thing. Is it over yet?

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Janeen said...

Welcome to week number 6!