Monday, June 27, 2005


Do any of you dream? I dream all the time, awake, asleep...all kinds of dreams. Usually the sleeping ones I remember for a few hours or minutes after I wake up and then they dissipate. Sometimes, they stay around for much longer. Sometimes they are VERY weird... take as a case in point the one about being possessed by a demon. Sometimes, however, they are quite amusing. Last night I dreamed that I woke up and heard breathing in the room. Now, since Hubband is out on det right now, breathing in the room is not normal. I rolled over in the bed (not knowing I was dreaming yet) and saw that the pillow was moving. I asked it if it was breathing, and if that was what I was hearing, and my pillow nodded at me. Yes, my pillow nodded. See. That is a funny dream. I woke up laughing, and when I told my sister about it today she laughed, too! (This was good, as she had a bad day :()

Anyway, my question about dreams is this. Do you remember them? Not only that, can you figure out what CAUSED them? I mean, the demon possession dream could have been because I had been playing a demonic computer game, but what the heck made me dream my PILLOW WAS BREATHING? Am I just going nuts? Speaking of nuts, I heard once upon a time that FOOD can cause dreams... hmm. Note to self: When in need of amusement, eat Taco Bell 2-3 hours before bed.

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Queenie said...

It IS about the food. And sometimes about what you watch on TV before going to bed. One of the cats thwapped me in the face with her tail while I was drifting off and I had a dream about being lost in a huge forest with nothing but ferns. FERNS, I tell you.