Saturday, June 25, 2005

Saturday evening post

Sittin' in the living room with C-mom watching the news and talking about Bewitched. We went for a girls night out... did Red Robin and the movie. It was cute, but not GREAT. It felt like it ended about 30-40 minutes too soon. We had a good evening though.... can't complain about lots of grease! hehe. We're pushing through the last day of our sale tomorrow. Yesterday was HORRID. We had ONE customer in 8 hours, so we shut down early. Thursday went pretty well, so we're hoping for a repeat of it tomorrow. Cross your fingers for us!

We helped C's neighbor move his fridge out of the apartment today, along with 2 desks he gave us for the sale. When I walked into his house, there were these GREAT b&w photos on the walls of Tony Bennett, Doris Day, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, etc etc. These weren't your typical studio shots so I asked him about them. Turns out his wife was a bigwig photog back in the day in Beverly Hills! Was cool to see all the pics and she tried to tell us some stories about each one. She has some dementia and other disabilities though, and couldn't get the words out. It was pretty sad, but so neat to see the pictures and help them get their stuff together for a new move. They were both pretty excited about their new apartment. Then, on the way back from helping the man unload all the food into his NEW fridge at the NEW apartment, he asked if we could stop by Dairy Queen as he wanted to get his wife a cone (she had stayed behind). Isn't that just too sweet?! I hope that Hubband and I are like that in 50 years. :-)

In other news, it is now looking like we may not be able to do even the COLORADO trip! A has been told that he can have one leave setting. However, since we are doing Gracies birthday at the end of July that means only one trip. Now we have to try to find out how to fit a vacation and family visits all into one leave set. Phew. Military life.

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Queenie said...

OMG you went and saw Bewitched WITHOUT ME?!?
You're fired.
Bummer about the leave thing though. I can't believe that they would give him only one leave period, considering he may have to go straight to crise. Frickin' Navy.