Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Weekend Events and Mommy Tears

Our weekend was great fun! Amazingly busy, and I was sick for most of it, but still quite enjoyable. I will give a BRIEF rundown:
Friday: Drove to Portland with a snoring husband next to me. Poor guy hadn't had but 3 hours of sleep the night before. Went to the convalescent home and visited Gma Boyd, found out she was being sent home the next day so had a brief party with her to celebrate. Met Nate and Faye for dinner at the Trufflehunter and had a great, yummy time. Met up with C-Mom at her house and chatted until we fell asleep on her couch and she rolled us onto the air mattress.
Sabbath: Rolled the husband out of bed in time to make church at Hood View, where we got our first introduction to Murray, the newest member (soon to be) of the Boyd family. He's great, although some of the family have difficulty with his accent (He's from the UK). Lunch with scads of Boyds at Aunt Bunny's, off to Stacey's to help her pack up some things from the old apartment she needed for Sat night party at her new place, then hung out at the new place playing texas hold em and trivial pursuit while consuming alarming quantities of spinach dip, pizza, oreos, and smarties. I think there were chips, too, but I didn't eat any of those. Staggered home to bed (after Andy took the wrong exit he was so sleepy driving home)...
Sunday: ... and rolled him out of it again Sunday so we could visit Gma at home and show off the wedding pics before Nessa and Murray's engagement party. Mingled with scads of Boyds and Boyd-friends for a few hours before heading back to Mom's to crash on the air mattress and watch tv through blurry eyes until around 10 when we gave up and went to bed.
Monday: Crawled from the air mattress in time to shower, pack, straighten mom's living room a little bit, and get to the hospital to lunch with Robbie and Sonja before hitting the road home. Now we're home, its time for vacation!

On the Mommy side of things.... I just got a note from my Grandma saying she had found all the letters mama wrote to her while we were living in Tanzania and asked if I would like to have them. Apparently, Mama had asked her to keep them so she could someday use them as a reference to write about our time overseas. I got all sniffly just thinking about THREE YEARS worth of letters... will definitely be bittersweet. Maybe I can put together the book she wanted to write in her memory... I hope so!

Now, Im off to work. I have at LEAST 7, and more likely 14 abstracts to edit before the day is over, and husband will be home in an hour!

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