Monday, June 20, 2005

Living the Gourmet Life

Now, I'm not saying that I actually AM a gourmet ... my kitchen is nowhere near well-enough supplied to meet that qualification. But when combined with the kitchen of my friend across town, and her brand new cookbook we were able to BE GOURMET! Well, eat it at least. Homemade gourmet pizzas with fresh mozzarella, baby corn, black olives, green olives, yellow and red tomato, fresh basil, and homegrown oregano and posy thyme. We planned for a homemade bloomin' onion, too, but were too stuffed after munching on the veggies, slices of Irish cheddar cheese, and drinking the not horrible but definitely not GREAT melon drinks we made. Wow. Long sentence entirely about supper.

In other news, heard from the husband! Hurrah! Made it through the flight and arrived at around 6 am. Slept all day and was wandering around at 1140 pm trying to find something to do. Since he IS NOT in NYC, that beloved city that never sleeps, he couldn't find anything. hehe. Now, I am sitting on my couch with the laptop and 2 kitties, having watched 4 episodes of WonderFalls I have moved on to the first season of CSI. Work is completed for the day, well, as much as necessary anyhow, and Im blogging happily to the Who.

Soon, I may try to get ahead on work, or I may just relax with television as company. After all, I have put in a hard day, eaten gourmet pizza, and talked to my husband. Who could ask for more for a Monday?!


TitaniumRose said...

If you've got feline company, CSI, and a good phone call then really there isn't much else you need in life. Well the gourmet pizza probably didn't hurt things either... =)

Queenie said...

That pizza was freekin' DELICIOUS.

LadyBoyd said...

Yup! All that was missing was the husband....His presence would have made the evening perfect. :-)