Sunday, August 13, 2006

All revved up and then ... putt, putt, putt

Woke up this morning full of energy and verve. Went straight to work in the kitchen, aiming to finish the whole sorting and repacking/unpacking THING that I'll have to do there to tide us over until we get our renovation done. I slowed down only to eat breakfast and then we hustled out the door to get the few little things we needed to finish our day. By the time we got back, I ached everywhere, felt feverish, and had lost all that get up and go...>sigh< so instead of a HUGELY productive day, I had a relatively UNPRODUCTIVE day. Here is a list of my accomplishments:
1) Did a strainer full of dishes, cooked breakfast, ate, and gathered garbage
2) Went to WalMart and Home Depot to get the bookcase shelf holders, etc. that we needed. Ended up wandering around HD looking at everything else. hehe.
3) Came home, felt horrible.
4) Called Q to wish her Happy Bday and have a good chat (HAPPY BDAY Q!!!). We talked for an hour and I unpacked about 1 box of books as we conversed.
5) Wandered around the house like a little wraith picking things up and putting them down again when they looked entirely too heavy and large a job to deal with (This included reading the newspaper. I picked up 2x and put it down again as too strenuous an activity)
6) Crashed out for 2 hours on the couch in a puddle of ALMOST whimpering owieness
7) Woke up thinking "Hey! I feel better!" which lasted just long enough to cook dinner, but not long enough to eat it while still feeling alive.
8) Posted this ridiculously long post about nothing, and am currently debating whether to take a bath or a shower before I go to bed. >sigh< What do you think?


MrsPooley said...

ugh with the owieness... i vote for just falling asleep. what'd you do?

Janeen said...

Sleep the dull-drums away! It's probably some weird traveling/tennesse bug.