Thursday, August 17, 2006

Techno Geek

I love new technology. Not only do I have a rockingly cool Razr phone with my upgraded Verizon account (Hubband now has a cell phone! I have a phone that works!), they actually transferred all my addresses/phone numbers from the OLD phone to the NEW phone in like... 2 minutes. Im so enamoured of my new phone, actually, that I carry it around with me everywhere and look at it once or twice ever hour, just to see if there's something new about it that I can play with. Its a great procrastination tool, especially since it has a camera in it. hehe. I dont know anyone in town with the exception of Hubband who would actually call me on it, perhaps some of my friends/family from far away will eventually need to reach us away from home, but in the meantime, Im just enjoying looking at it, poking random buttons on it, and experimenting with ring tones to the chagrin of the cats.

I think that officially makes me a techno geek...right?

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