Thursday, August 24, 2006

So much for that....

Well, we DID NOT get our windows yesterday as planned, in fact, we wont be getting them now until Sunday afternoon/Monday. I know its not much longer to wait, but I was all set to enjoy actually having windows I could SEE out of. No more cracks, or weird built-up condensation, etc. Alas, it was not to be. Apparently we have "very strange windows" and "very bad windows" and "I dont think I can rip this out on my own" windows. The installer was here for all of 10 minutes yesterday morning and said "In 6 years I have never seen windows like these here and I dont think I can prise them out of there on my own." then he left.

In other news.... Hubband has his books! He's registered and starts classes on Monday! HE GOT INSTATE RESIDENCY! WAhooooo! For those of you who dont know the importance of instate residency... its a difference of >$5000.00 per semester in our out of pocket costs! Not only that, but he had thought he may have to take 75% time for school and work full time to get the residency, but they granted it to him straight up...without any conditions. :-) We also went to the bursars office yesterday and verified that they had put in the deferrment on payment for Hubband so that we can wait until we receive our first GI Bill payment to pay on tuition. So, even with the window debacle/disappointment it was a good day.

Today I hope to get my office cleaned up and put away. I had been putting it off for several reasons, mostly because I thought the windows were going to be making a mess in there this week. Now that I have a reprieve before the weekend Im going to try and get it all sorted out and cared for today. I have been working either in the middle of a disaster, or on the living room couch... neither of which is good for the concentration. I discovered yesterday that I need to get out of the house at least once every 2 days. It had been 3 since I had done more than get the mail and I was listless, munching on everything in sight, wandering around not wanting to do anything, and with a headache on top of it all. Within 10 minutes of being "out and about" all the symptoms disappeared (can we say depression anyone? cabin fever?). Im planning to check out the town library tomorrow... once the office is done and such. :-)

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