Monday, August 28, 2006

Ta Da!!

Well, the windows saga continued its unexpected journey on Sunday. We had been told they would be here "Sunday afternoon" IF the Friday job was completed in a timely fashion. At 7:30 am (does that sound like afternoon to you? Anyone? Hmmm. Didn't think so) DING goes the doorbell and BAM! the guys are working! Hubband and I, not anticipating such an early morning, had not gone to bed at what one might call an appropriate hour (well, for getting up at 7 anyway...), we'd crashed down at around 3 am and both had had trouble sleeping for one reason or another. The guys, who usually install around 17 windows a day, only were able to get 6 of ours done because of the weirdness of them. They basically had to tear out the window, the framing, the molding, EVERYTHING and then rebuild it all. They are returning today to put in the last 2 windows and the molding/edging on the exterior of the house. WE LOVE OUR WINDOWS! But, ohhhh, were we ever sleepy yesterday!

Photos follow in their own posts. Blogger wasn't letting me attach them to this one for some reason...

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