Monday, August 21, 2006

From back in the day....

I used to be Christi Plantier... and I used to go to school at Shenandoah Valley Academy. Both of those things seemed to be far in my past until this weekend, when I ran into a friend from high school at church. I hadn't seen her in probably 11 years, but we had a lot of fun catching up. I came home from church with a desire to "reminisce" and went through both my yearbooks and all the SVA alumni on Myspace. I am now back in touch with not just KH at the church, but with an additional 5 people from SVA who I had completely lost touch with.

There is something to be said for finding old friends in a new place, when that place is still feeling just a bit foreign, large, and even a little unfriendly. Now, you might say "How can you find the SOUTH unfriendly, when you ADORE NYC?" Its not the PEOPLE who are unfriendly, it is the lack of actual friends that makes the area seem so bleak. Only... its not now. They may not become our close friends, we may not ever do more than the occasional get-together for a string of "do-you-remembers", but I KNOW 3 people in this town now. Three people who aren't my insurance agent, realtor, or window replacement installation man. They are 3 wonderful people from "back in the day"...and that's so comforting.

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Xboyd said...

I'm so glad for you!!!!!! Has Andy been able to make any 'friend' connections?