Thursday, August 10, 2006

Update news briefs

Wow. I have had so many posts I wanted to write and just haven't had the's a quick update of the news:

Tennesseeans We are officially Tennesseeans. After 4 hours at the DMV, with their computers going down and them deciding that although my military id is valid for any navy base in the country, and for the federal government, it is NOT valid for the state of TN (I had to go back home and get my passport!), it was a not fun afternoon. BUT! We prevailed and have our licenses. Still have to go to yet another office to get our tags changed. Ugh.

Windows! We bought new windows for the house this week. We hadn't planned on the purchase, as we figured the total would be somewhere around the national debt of a small country, but we ended up getting a GREAT offer from Sears (ended up at about 2000 off the total once we got all our discounts added in!) so we ended up signing on to replace all the windows that won't be somehow changed or removed during the remodel. The guy is coming to measure them today.

Piano! The piano is IN THE BUILDING people! Hubband screwed a few 2x4s into the kitchen floor opposite the door, built a ramp for the stairs, and then hooked up a variety of chains and a come-along winch to both the kitchen 2x4s and the piano itself. He then guided it up the ramp while I cranked the winch. Woot!

Kate! Our friend Kate had a layover here in Memphis on her way to a teacher's convention and we were able to have breakfast at the airport with her. Very fun! Congrats on the new job, Kate! And to your mama for the same!

Internet and TV but still no phone Although our phone was supposed to be connected yesterday we still do not have any dial tone. Im not sure if that is because of the line being shorted out somewhere in the house or if the service wasn't actually connected yet.... Have to wait until Hubband wakes up and can take a look for me. :-)

Other news isn't so interesting... stuff like, finding a market for our normal groceries, a dental appt being made for Hubbands tooth to be fixed, etc. But at least I gave you the big news! Right?! Right?!


Xboyd said...

Awwww. Made tears well up. Is the tile on the pix of the kitchen floor the new stuff? You guys are doing a wonderful job. Hang in there! Have you gotten some yard work done yet, or are you still hacking through with a machete? >grin< Hope the tooth is fixed okay soon. How are the kitties settling in? Were they okay once they had their own sofa? What's this about having a hard time finding a market? Love ya

MrsPooley said...

Yup! That's the stuff we want to hear :).

MrsPooley said...

Hey you need to change your "about me" section.

Janeen said...

Yay! Homeowners! Wonderful that you're getting settled and getting the important stuff taken care of.

K'sKorner said...

Bummer I didn't get to see you guys coming back the other way, went through Phoenix instead. It was awesome seeing you guys!!! I'm in NM now!!!! I've just got internet, so I'll have to do some updating :D