Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Clearing the Air...

Ok, I seem to have started a firestorm with the photos I posted of our renovation/demo due to a lack of pictured safety equipment. Let me clarify that we ARE taking precautions!

After pulling up the carpet and flooring and making the one small hole (pictured) in the drywall to verify our ability to move a beam, we used face masks AND safety glasses, and even went and bought new ones after we saw how quickly they "clogged" when we were working with that nasty old insulation. We also wore LONG SLEEVES and LONG PANTS and GLOVES and immediately washed any nicks and scratches with antibacterial soap. I PROMISE we're being careful! hehe.

I love that you all are worried about us, we sure know we're loved! The part we're really not looking forward to is when Hubband has to crawl under the house to work on the plumbing... we already bought him a full body tyvex suit and he has his gloves and such, but that isn't going to be fun!

In a side note... while the insulation we found is VERY old, there was a nifty little reference for us tucked into one of the walls. It was an original bag for the insulation! Nicely labeled with manufacturing date (1952) and ingredients (wool, and some sort of synthetic like polyester that I can't think of right now but is NOT asbestos). Cool, eh? We also found a Christmas package bow and label. Gotta wonder how THOSE got in the wall! Must have dropped down from the attic or something.

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