Thursday, October 12, 2006

What Im Reading ...

This week has been so busy, and we've been out and about so much, I didn't get as many books in...

1) Patricia (Grace Livingstone Hill): I thought I hadn't read this one yet, but by the end it was quite familiar. Still a nice Friday evening/Sabbath afternoon read.
2.Wildfire At Midnight (Mary Stewart): Again... I think I have read this before, but am not sure if it were perhaps published at some point under another title... VERY good mystery. I love MS because her heroines are always smart, flawed, stupid, etc. at all the right times.
3. Carry on, Jeeves (PG Wodehouse) Ive just discovered the Jeeves books and love them. VERY fun.

I also got Morrigans Cross and its sequel Dance of the Gods. Ive started rereading Morrigans (since I read it in the bookstore last time...). Also started reading Killjoy by Julie Garwood, then realized I'd heard it on an audio book. *giggle* I guess it has just been a "rereading" kind of week...

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nathan said...

Hey, its Nathan C. from the Vancouver Wa area, and I couldn't find your husbands email address, but visit to check our new baby boy, Brayden.
He's a little early at 33wks 3lbs 12oz, 16in, so we hired an expensive nanny at the local neonatal intensive care unit. Apgar scores were 9 and 9, just missing a perfect score due to his color.
Mom is doing great returning home a couple days after the birth. We're counting the days until our little guy is released.
Those other pictures in the slideshow are of our current kitchen remodel up to last week. By the way, I've learned to never plan major remodel when your wife is never know what could happen. Oh and I completely gutted Braydens room as well. Although its a little closer to being done than the kitchen is.