Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hilarious and Horrible at the Same Time

We brought Obie home from the vet on Friday afternoon and he was NOT a happy kitty. They had been able to get his xrays accomplished fine (without the radiologist they could tell in this set IMMEDIATELY that he does have a congenital defect in the bone structure of his pelvis. We find out more tomorrow), but they did have to knock him out to do it. They let us come back and get him from "population" ourselves. It was kind of funny because he was growling and glaring at everyone until he realized it was DADDY talking to him and then he gave this plaintive little yowl and tried to stand up and get to Hubband. Well, he was still mostly drugged and couldn't walk so the poor guy kind of toppled over in the crate and Hubband had to scoop him up and carry him to his "home" crate.

We got him home and he tried to get out of his crate and talk to his sister, who immediately hissed at him, smacked him in the head, and ran away. Poor guy! He tried to take a few steps and his back end just gave out. It was kind of funny in a horrid way... it lasted all night. He'd try to walk and would be so relaxed that those weaker muscles in his back end would just give out. Hubband said he looked kind of like a jack knifing semi every time he took more than 1 step because his front end would go one way and the rest of him would just sort of swing out to the side and collapse.

Today he's doing better, and we're looking forward to finding out what our options are for treatment, as well as the "official" diagnosis. There has been talk of using him as a case study as it appears to be a syndrome that regularly appears in canines (particularly german shepherds), but not in felines! Who knows... we're just glad he's home and feeling pretty good. He spent the morning curled up on a throw pillow on the couch next to me as I worked. Tough life!

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sandegaye said...

I wish Obie a whole lotta good health. Having 4 felines myself, I know how special they are..
And let one of them get a haircut or a bath, & he is automatically shunned by the other 3.

I enjoyed your blog!