Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Day of Rest

Im lounging until Hubband wakes up. Sprawled out on the couch in my robe and nighty with cat accessories (one at my head and the other squished into a couch pillow). We're taking a "Home Sabbath" today....

Im being shipped off to New Jersey tomorrow afternoon for a week of work, a weekend of family, and probably at least 1 evening of friends. What with the need to do laundry, pack, etc. We decided we'd rest at home today, do a nice bike ride or something this afternoon in the sunshine, and then go to bed early and get up refreshed to prepare for the trip. Hubband has been threatening to kidnap me somewhere tomorrow afternoon so I'll conveniently miss my plane. :-) This is our first separation of any length since he got home from Cruise. It is "only" a week, but feels longer somehow.

I logged in ready to be eloquent and tell at least a few of the Interesting Incidents of the Past Week, but I find that Ive run out of "oomph" as my mother would say. Instead of thinking back over the week's happenings, Im staring out the window at the leaves and dreaming of coffee and waffles. I think I'll go make them... and then sit on my front step and breathe in Fall.

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Xboyd said...

You were able to make waffles amidst the remodeling mess? Wow! Hey, take care on your trip. My prayers are always with you both.