Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Disappointment in The Departed

If you plan to see The Departed, do not read this entry!

Saturday night we met up with the youth group and got TCBY, then headed to a movie. The gang wanted to see The Departed; I was so-so, didn't mind, but wasn't sure I wanted it to be the first movie I've seen in the Theater since Rhonda visited us in Oak Harbor before the move. Hubband? Was adamantly against the movie. Not only does he not generally enjoy gangster movies, he doesn't like Matt Damon, Leo DiCaprio, OR Jack Nicholson (I know, I married a freak). We decided to meet the gang for ice cream and if we couldn't change their minds about the movie we just would head home or see something else on our own. There was nothing else playing. The gang wasn't sure about anything else anyway, and AK had to get up at around 4 am so didn't want anything that started late... so we went to The Departed (Hubband: "We came to go to a movie with the gang, lets go to a movie with the gang!").

The Good: The movie was excellently written, well-directed, and the acting overall was top-notch.

The Bad: Everyone dies. It was worse than a Shakespeare tragedy, too, because not only does everyone die, the good guys die FIRST and the bad guy's death isn't any sort of closure of the case or the issue or anything, its just this sickening BANG in the head.

The Worse: Lots of blood. Lots of swearing. Lots of drugs and weird love triangles.

The Worst: The last 20 minutes of the movie. Up until then, I wouldnt' have said to anyone "go see this", but at least I wasn't feeling that it was a total waste of time and money.

Comparison movies: 3000 Miles to Graceland plus Pulp Fiction and a little Dangerous Liasons/Quills thrown in for good measure.

After the movie, everyone told us that they should have listened to us and gone to see something else. Only Hubband and one other guy liked the movie at all, and Hubband liked it only because all the actors that he dislikes died!

What a waste of a Saturday night on the town...


Anonymous said...

Well that seals it . . . I'm not gonna watch it. It wasen't something I was thinking about watching, but now, nope. Sorry for the waste of a Sat. night, but hey, you saved me a wasteful one ;)

Queenie said...

First of all:
PHOOEY on YOU. I liked 3000 miles to graceland if only because of the "whuh?" factor, and I absolutely LOVED Quills because Holy shite, mental trauma for all!
But anyway.
I hate lao and matty too, but how can the hubband hate Jack NIcholson? I mean, HOW?
Heee. I'm saving my money for the holiday flicks.

Xboyd said...

Hey, I despise watching Jack Nicholson. He reeks of my dad and nearly makes me vomit when I watch a movie with him in it. I actually have 'smell' overload, like my mind can smell the horrid aftershave! Shiver, shake!