Friday, March 02, 2007

Animal House, part Deux

For some reason the animals have gone mad lately. Oberon has eschewed the use of the litter box in favor of a corner of the foyer. So far, nothing we can do or say or put there has blocked him from spraying at will. You can imagine how smelly and frustrating this is. We finally curled the carpet up in that corner and have soaked it clean and removed the pad... we'll see if it works. Priscilla is in full on attack-the-cat mode lately, which probably doesn't help. She pounces on his poor little back end and he just flops. She'll be getting her surgery (the Big One) on Tuesday, so we'll see if that makes any difference.

On top of all that... we're dogsitting a pit bull mix for some friends until Monday night. He's a great little guy, about 10 months old I think, and very friendly to those of a human persuasion. HOWEVER, he and Priscilla do not get along so well and the cats are petrified of him. When he was safely in his kennel for the night, Titania sat down just out of paw reach and taunted him deliberately until he was practically having a seizure. We had to shoo her out. At the moment, he's outside begging to come in and Priscilla is inside begging to go out. When those wishes are honored, however, we end up with Pris howling in pain and growling at Ace who has his teeth embedded in her backside. >sigh<

Its going to be a long weekend.

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K'sKorner said...

hehe . . .quite the animal house!

just think, all the practice you're getting ;)LOL