Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The year in review

I'm a firm convert to the power of digital. Namely, I do not use "real" film very often anymore. During the height of our renovation, we discovered some problems with our digital camera. Since we preferred countertops to PHOTOS of countertops, we knew we would not be able to replace the digi for a while. We decided to dig out my old Elph and use it instead. Lo and behold, there was a roll of film in the camera only half used! Fun, thought I. Must be from the move or something. Finished that roll with miscellaneous house photos and scrounged for a new one. WHAT?! This one is exposed but not developed? Hmmmmm. This last week, I finally got around to taking both rolls in to be developed. They weren't as old as they might have been, but some of the photos had been taken in January of 2006. Here are a few of what we found....
Jackson and Grace laughing at something on the ceiling of DangerElf's hospital room. This shot is from mid-Jan 2006. Jacob was 1 week old.
This shot was taken the day after Andrew got home from Deployment. CMom and Hummingboyd are looking at his "Cruise" photos.
Oak Harbor in Winter. Sometime last winter or spring, taken from the parking lot at the city library.
Proud owners of a new home. This was taken right before the holidays last year.
Hanging cabinets. wheeeeee!

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