Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I got tagged by a really really long "meme" type thing. If you have an hour, keep reading! I think it took me at least that long to finish it...

Single or Taken: Taken

Happy about that: Thrilled!

Eye Color: Grey/Green/Blue-ish

Shoe size: 7-7.5

Height: 5'5", according to my doctor's office.

What are you wearing right now? Olive drab slacks, watermelon long sleeved shirt, a puppy with her head in a surgical collar, and my laptop.

Can you make a dollar in change right now? Only if I raid my "Girls Night Out" magnet.

Best place to go for a date? Depends on the type of date....for a romantic evening with Hubband, I'd say the Grove Grill here in Memphis.


Kind of pants: comfortable. My current favs are my Lucky jeans that DangerElf passed on to me around our birthday.

Number: 0. Whenever the counter on my task bar reads 0 it means Im done with work for the day.

Animal: there are 3... our Boykin spaniel (Priscilla) and 2 cats (Oberon and Titania)

Drink(non alcoholic): Diet Coke with lime

Sport: To play? Hockey. To watch? Hockey. Im a creature of habit.

Month: October. It was a tight race with December, but October has my anniversary AND its in the fall which beats birthdays, Christmas, and snow by a mere smidge.

Juice: Simply Squeezed Lime, Orange, or Lemon

Favorite cartoon character: hmmm, from a strip, show, movie...what era are we talking about here? I'd say in order... Buckles, Droopy, and Archimedes the owl from Sword in the Stone, respectively.


Bungee Jumped? No.

Made yourself throw-up? Yes, but never for a weight-control issue or anything. Usually just to speed the process when I knew it was about to happen anyway.

Gone skinny dipping? yes.

Eaten a hot dog? Of all types EXCEPT pig.

Loved someone so much it made you cry? Yup.

Broken a bone? Many, sadly. I was a klutzy kid, what can I say?

Played truth or dare? Yes. LONG time ago. Thinking how long ago....Wow. I feel old suddenly.

Been on a plane? Yes. Practically on a monthly basis.

Came close to dying? Um, I know its FELT like it a couple times in my life, but other than near misses in terms of car accidents, etc, I dont think there's ever been a health crisis that was a true danger.

Been in a sauna? Yes. They make me short of breath. I think the longest I lasted was about 15 minutes... on my honeymoon... with a towel wrapped around my head. I came out looking like a lobster with watering eyes and gasping for air. Hubband thought it was cute. Lucky for me. >grin<>

What is beside you? The edge of the couch, said puppy in surgical collar, glass of water on coffee table

What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? Brilliant Brunette for Chestnut to Espresso


Chicken pox: Yes

Sore Throat: Yes

Stitches: Yes. After slicing open my left middle finger, after almost losing my lip to an excited dog who was 2x my size, after my hernia surgery and repair when I was a kid...

Broken nose: Yes, twice! The first time was when my sister was giving me airplane rides in our bed. We were supposed to be sleeping. I was 2. The second time, I didn't know it was actually broken until later. I got hit in the face with a frisbee in high school--my freshman year of college a chiropracter took xrays of my neck and asked how I'd broken my nose. Turned out what I thought was an edema was actually the fracture site!

A one night stand: No.

Believe in love at first sight: Not LOVE. Attraction and desire that can grow into love with work and time? yes.

Long distant relationships: Yes. It sucks! My husband and I were long distance for 2 years before our wedding.

Like school: Almost always.

Who was the last person that called you? Gay L. Hardaway, at least, his recording did. He's running for some office or other and the prerecorded messages call our house about 3x each day. Very annoying.

Who was the last person you slow danced with? Hubband. Last night.

Who makes you smile the most? Hmmm. This is a tough one. In terms of overall across life grin-inducing, probably Hubband, followed by Grace, Jackson, Jacob, James....
But in a single conversation with a peer? Queenie. Hands down.

Who knows you the best? Hubband and my sisters. As my niece once said to her mother... "Talk to Aunt Chrissy ... you UNDERSTAND each other"

Do you like filling these out: On occasion...They are a great tool for procrastination. Im currently avoiding work like the plague. Which is bad, 'cause I need to finish up another 6 hours worth today and its already 4 pm.

Do you wear contact lenses or glasses? NEITHER! After nearly 18 years of one or both? I got LASIK.

Do you like yourself: Usually. There are times I disgust myself with my mediocrity, absurdity, inanity, etc.

Do you get along with your family? Yup. Usually. My older sis and I have been known to ... umm... snipe ... a bit. But we're friends and love each other dearly. :-D It's just been hard in the past for others to be around us during such... DISCUSSIONS. hehe.


Obsessive Compulsive? Probably a little, but only about the strangest things... like, where my kitchen tools get put away.

Suicidal? No. Any thoughts I have about death are not along the lines of inducing it in myself.


Hated someone in your family? No.

Gotten any awards? Yes. Poetry contests, scholarships.... My big goal for the next couple of years is to at least PLACE in one of the cooking/baking contests Im planning to enter. :-) Anyone have suggestions for recipes that I should enter? Something I make that you ADORE?

What car/truck do you wish to have? Right now? Im really dreaming about the day when we can have a second car that is big enough to haul things in.... should be sometime in May.

Good driver? As long as speed demon is considered a good driver. I scare my SIL a lot because she thinks Im too aggressive, but Ive never been in an accident that was my fault!

Good Singer? Depends on who you ask....

Have a lava lamp? No. Thank God.

How many remote controls are in your house? Ummm, counting the xbox? I think 5. If you count the xbox and gamecube and playstation controllers as remotes, that number increases at a practically exponential rate.

What was your last dream about? A nightmare that Hubband had been lying to me all along about what he wanted from life and had gone and signed back up in the Navy and was being deployed for 3 years when we'd just found out we were pregnant....and he didn't care and left. It was awful. Then I woke up from that and he was wrapped around me like usual. Very comforting!

When you last showered? This morning.

Did you say, "I Love You"? If you mean this morning? Yes, of course! To my husband and my puppy and my sis who was online.

Ever been in a fight with your pet? A fight of wills perhaps. Not a knock-down, drag-out though. Mom is in CHARGE. REALLY!

Been to Mexico? When I was about 4. My sister and her friend put me in roller skates and sent me careening down the driveway. I remember the blood. And the Ow. Lots of Ow.

Been to Europe? Yes, several times actually! Hubband and I are hoping we can scrimp and save and get there together someday.


Do you have a crush on someone right now? My Hubband.

What book are you reading now? I just finished Beyond the Blue Moon, by Simon R. Green. Haven't really started anything else.

Best feeling in the world? Accomplishment.

Future KIDS names? Hmmm, we have a list going. My current leanings include Eden for a girl and Deacon for a boy. Considering that those "favs" have changed about every month or so, I think our child will be named somewhat on the spur of the moment. Poor thing.

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? I do. His name is Hubband and he's a big teddy bear. :-) I used to sleep with a stuffed dog, but now I have one that stays warm and cuddles me back.

What's under your bed? Lingerie that I no longer fit into, extra blankets, the slipper that the cat stole from me 4 months ago, about half of my purse collection (the broken ones that I can't bear to get rid of), duffel bags for weekend trips (suitcases are in the attic), and probably a few dust balls, stolen socks, and random shiny things that fell off the nightstand.

Favorite Locations? New York, New York is tops. Then probably Florence, Italy.

Piercing/Tattoos? Piercings--one in each ear and one in my nose. Just a little one. I dont go in for the bull ring look.

What are you most scared of right now? This exact minute? Losing this post before I post it and having to do this whole thing over again.

Who do you really hate? I don't really have any people that I HATE. People that ANNOY me or make me ANGRY, but I am not a hater.

Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with? Haven't we all?

Are you lonely right now? Nope. I have 2 cats, a dog, and a hubband upstairs pounding away at the electrical for my kitchen, plus about 10 of my friends currently on Yahoo IM so I could really have myself a social party if I felt like it.

Song that's stuck in your head right now? Well, nothing until I tried thinking about it and now the Chicken Song is wafting around. Thanks, meme. Thanks a lot!

Have you ever played strip poker? Yes, but we never went past socks, shoes, earrings, etc. Everyone got too annoyed that I hadn't lost anything but a single sock. I was quite the card sharp in High School. Plus? We played "strip" poker on the bus on choir tour. VERY risque, eh?

Have you ever gotten beat up? Nope. I have accidentally punched myself before, and a horde of greedy Asian women tried to trample me at a sample show in NYC once, but that's about it.

Have you ever been on radio/TV? Yes.

Have you ever been in a "mosh-pit"? Once. A Better than Ezra concert in 1999...I got kicked in the head by someone in combat boots and never went back.

Ever liked someone, but thought they never noticed you? As with the crushes... Haven't we all? Oddly enough, one time I had that happen and found out years later that he'd liked me at the same time. Ahhhh, fate. What would we do without you twisting things up?

What's the first things you notice about the opposite sex? Eyes and Carriage (the way you carry yourself, not their mode of conveyance).

Your Favorite Food? Hmmmm, depends on my mood. I always like me some mexican style stuffs...

Ever get so drunk you dont remember the night before? No. I don't like the feeling of being even a little drunk, so I don't get to the blotto stage on the rare occasions that I imbibe...

Hair color? Sort of a messy combination of blondes and browns... soon to be added to with gray, I fear...

Are you too shy to ask someone out? I was when I was single and young. Now I probably wouldn't be too shy, but I dont have to test that since my date lives with me now. If I were shy of asking my husband for a date, we'd be in trouble! :-)

Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn? Salt and light butter

Dogs or cats? Yes. Hehe. Didn't you see my pet list above?

Favorite Flower? I think I have the largest sentimental attachment to Daffodils, just from my childhood memories of picking them with my best friend to take to our mothers. Otherwise... no real favorites. I will say I am NOT very partial to carnations.

Do you like to travel by plane as opposed to car? Depends on the trip. Flying downtown to the mall is a bit overkill.

How many pillows do you sleep with? One and my Hubband. Does he count?

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