Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Goalposts Cubed

I know that most people won't have a CLUE what my title means, but its kind of a hint about his age as well as a inside joke with my hubband. WHO IS A BIRTHDAY BOY TODAY! WHoooooo!

Happy Birthday, Hubband!

He's gotten tons of phone calls, a cd, a video game, an amazon gift card, and a big ole' steak for dinner. He even got birthday wishes from one of our nephews (Happ BirtDAY Duncle Anny!).


K'sKorner said...


Happy B-day Andy!!!!!!!! Hey, it's his sister's b-day too, and . . . hehe, so many b-day's today.

Lub ya guys!

christina russell said...

happy belated bday andy! hope all is well with u guys. keep in touch!

Celia said...

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K'sKorner said...

lol . . . spring break had me all befuddled about the days . . . I've been off date wise one day everyday this week. I was thinking today was the 29th and yesterday the 28th . . . OH BROTHER! hehe And school starts up again Monday.

And umm . . . yeah, interesting fantastic information that leads to bongs? haha

Xboyd said...

The comment from 'celia' is a weird'd that spam get in there? The name leaves me very disturbed.