Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dream vs Reality

I had the weirdest dream last night, and it really was only completely odd because of when and how I woke up from it. In my dream, I was going about daily life in a fairly normal way. I prepared for bed, climbed in, turned out the lights and tried to go to sleep. I kept feeling like I was being watched, so I opened my eyes and there were a cluster of shadows near the door. I thought "Its just my coats and such", but then it moved toward me and the bed and reached out. I yelled "Get back! Get away from me!" Then.........

Hubband grabbed me and shook me trying to wake me up and saying "its just a dream, honey, its just a dream." I was still enough in the dream that I was panicking, making loud scared noises and flailing around for a couple seconds. The poor guy almost got a bloody nose. He told me this morning that I was tossing around in my sleep and when I started to shake and mutter he decided to wake me up. It was just his bad luck that I was about to be touched in the dream by some weird shadow. hehe.

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Harriet Pierce said...

Oh My Gosh, sounds just like your Mom!!!!I remember lots of nights with her doing Very strange things as I shared a bed next to her for my first 10 (or so years) :-)!!!But then her college roommate has some good stories as well as your Dad. It is amazing as to the things that are pasted down to our kids!

Take care, Love ya
Auntie H