Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just a Planner...

For all of you who seem to have at least potentially misunderstood something... I am not pregnant! What I am is a PLANNER. And yes, all caps is necessary when using that word as applies to me. I spoke of Hubband and I's discussion about converting a room to a nursery... we've been discussing that since we moved into the house. You can ask most any member of my family and they will tell you that I am the queen of planning events YEARS ahead of time, making copious lists, handing out detailed schedules to all who make the mistake of getting in my path, etc. And that is just for little things like weddings and birthday parties and holidays. When it comes to having a baby, I find myself even more manic... I will have only around EIGHT MONTHS to plan for the baby once I know that he/she is on the way so I must begin yesterday at LEAST to get things ready. Especially when it literally could involve construction.

With that said... I'm going to open the discussion of the nursery up for comments and suggestions because we are really not sure what to do. Obviously for the first couple of months or so the baby will be with us in our room in a bassinet. I want to have a nursery ready though, and be able to use it for diaper changes, storage of clothes and toys, etc. Here is the problem: Our house is designed in such a way that the 2 extra bedrooms are on the opposite side of the house from the master, at least in terms of open paths and routes.

Now, the office/bedroom that Hubband currently uses does share one small piece of wall with the master bedroom. This is the room we thought of making the nursery, but if we cut a door through from our room it will put a door in the ONE wall of that bedroom that doesn't already have a door, window, or closet on it. That doesn't matter so much for a nursery setup because the furniture is smaller, but I think we'd have to close it off again to sell the house.

There is an alcove in our room that will work for a bassinet, but is too small for a "nursery" setup. Our closet is big enough to convert to a nursery, but we'd have to construct one in the aforementioned alcove and would then lose a lot of closet space.

The other extra room is the biggest of the 2 bedrooms, it has 2 big windows, and it is on the front of the house... ie, easy access from the street, lots of light, etc. making it bad for a nursery, but good for a shared office--except if we dont use the smaller room for the nursery, why share the office? AND WHERE IS THE NURSERY! Do you SEE why I need to plan? >sigh< Help? Please?


Harriet Pierce said...

I say make the large room in the front of the house the Office and the other extra bedroom the nursery. You can use it during the day for naps and such even tho at night the babe will be with you in the bassinet. With the new baby monitors being accross the house is still not too far away from you. I say it is time to just have that baby (;-)!) and all will take care of itself. Love ya honey!!!!

Xboyd said...

Anything to keep your mind busy :o)

I think adding a hidden sliding door (one that slides into the wall) into Andy's office would work. It would not need to be converted when the house is sold...more planning in the far future?