Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thank Heaven for Alexander Bell!

I got a phone call from hubband! We only had 10 minutes to talk, but it was heavenly. :-) He sound so very tired. :-( My poor love. He said that to get his laundry done he ended up having to stay up all night Saturday and still be ready for work at 7 am on Sunday. 'Course, he did luck out and they changed the schedule so he went to bed. hehe.

The big project for the day (after my 13 abstracts are edited, the dishes done, etc) is to get into the MWR and get my state taxes done. Turbo Tax won't let me do it online without paying for federal too, which stinks. Federal is all done, signed and ready to mail as soon as I write the check >cough, choke<....so its all about NY and CT now.

Some of you may be disappointed that this blog is so... mundane. I haven't discussed any big goings on in the world much (although for posterity I will say that if I go PVS, pull the plug), but I kind of have been using it for 2 things: to organize my mind every morning and as a substitute to the mass email. If you want more up-to-the minute debate... comment to me and I'll respond. hehe.

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