Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sunday Sunday....

Been a great, productive day! I got to work with Mama on her dissertation for most of the afternoon and I think we finally figured out how to defeat the horrible referencing issue we had been having. We have 22 pages of clean, formatted text! Wahoo! On to the next... :-) For now, Im going to go edit a few abstracts and try to get at least one more written. Then I may take a break from the whole reading/writing thing and try to get started on the sanding and staining. I keep saying Im going to do it and then it never gets done! Oh pooh. I can't do that tonight... need to upload the video we have on our camera so the tapes can be reused. poodles. oh well. It was a nice thought!

No word from A this weekend. I'll probably get a note or two in the am. I am hoping to make it to Women's Bible Study Group in the morning, but I don't know if Im going to be able to take the time to drive to Anacortes and back. So very much to do!

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