Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pathfinder Sabbath

The day went really well. I think the highlight for me was when I was trying to give our second service skit cast members a pep talk while we were waiting in the wings for special music and scripture to be over.

"Come here guys," I said. "Just remember how you did it last night. Ya'll know your lines, you're gonna be great!" Brittney taps my shoulder. Thinking she may want a last look at the script or something equally important, I lean down and she whispers ...

"Mrs Boyd. Who actually says "ya'll" anymore?"

>sigh< So much for my big pep talk. hehehe

Seriously, though... the kids did an amazing job. Victoria and Charlie did their sermons like they had been to seminary! V even called our associate pastor up on stage to help her with a little demonstration. It was great! The 2 casts did their skits with no missing of lines, and only one little mixup in the order they were to be spoken (corrected in the middle of the line by Andrea leaning over in a stage whisper and saying ERIC. SHH. I TALK NOW!. hehehe). I was so proud of all of them. :-) Potluck was good too... who can complain about a meal that has entrees ranging from fresh Thai spring rolls with spicy orange dipping sauce to mini pizzas and desserts from 4-layer chocolate cake to homemade cranberry pecan cobbler? Yum yum. I just came down from my nap to mraowing kitties and couldn't believe they were hungry...I fed them this morning, and again at about 2... of course, they didnt eat potluck, just IAMS, so that might explain it.

No word from A yet, not since the big pronouncement that didn't tell me anything. hehe. Poor guy. He said the other day that he has only 10 minutes to answer all emails. He probably thought he told me...either that, or he is loving having me in suspense for the entire weekend. hmmmmmmmm.

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