Friday, April 01, 2005


Phew. Im glad this week is almost over. Looks like I will be working on Sunday on Mom's disssertation, so have to finish up my writing goals today... I also need to edit at least 10 abstracts before Monday morning so will probably do that tomorrow night. wow. So much for getting the staining done. I dont know that I will have time! Between now and Wednesday I have to write at least 8 articles, edit 25 abstracts, pack, clean the house, and finish the laundry for my trip. I think that's all. >panting<

Oops, no, it isn't. Tonight is pathfinder rehearsal and tomorrow is Pathfinder Sabbath so I'll be at the church from about 745 am until around 3 in the afternoon. garp.

I heard from my honey last night. >grin< THat made FOUR emails in one day! I felt so blessed. :-) He said that his PN1 had heard from the detailer, but didn't have the bandwidth on the ship to post changes to the JASS website (where orders are posted when they are open and removed when they are filled). Of course, that's ALL he said about it. hehe. Silly man. I THINK we may have the go ahead for A to submit a packet for C-school (SAR program).

Ok, off to do all this work. :-)


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