Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Well, it was great to be back East for a few days, and we got a lot done on Nicole's house and Jackson's party was great, but I have to say its good to be home! I stepped off the bus yesterday into Andrew's arms... he had brought me roses to welcome me home. He is so sweet and amazing! He also had cleaned the car and the house, bought me presents (bookcases and more!), set up the bathroom so I could relax in a candlelit bath.... etc. >wink<

Today its on to work work work as usual. Pathfinders tonight, work today, bills to pay, errands to run. Its so nice to do these things knowing that he is coming home for lunch and at the end of the day. Sitting here now it feels like perhaps just another of the days that I spend alone while he is gone, but no! He will be home for lunch in an hour! :-) Life is good.

In other news: Because of his being on the last transport out of Norfolk, Andrew was unable to get into the EMT class this month. The next one isn't until October so it looks as though we may not be able to apply for SAR after all. He has to have EMT to be eligible to apply for school. >sigh< He's going to talk to some people and see if we can find another way to do this, but if not... he will be gone from May 2 until about July 26, then again from late September until next spring (probably March or so). We would apply for schools for him for next year and try to get out of the navy by next summer. phew. What a mess. Will keep you informed!

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