Monday, April 25, 2005


Yes. I have made up a word in my quest to NOT do the several tons of work that are sitting on my poor, overworked desktop. In fact, there is SO much work to do that procrastinationating results in sleeplessness (hence, the coming up of words like procrastinationating). How much work is it, you ask? 30 edits, 17 articles to abstract, 1 dissertation to edit and style, 4 loads of laundry to fold, 3 to finish washing, camping gear to clean and put away, a house to clean, a husband and cats to feed, and a sister to assist as she starts a new career... all by Friday at sundown. I think I'll just have a breakdown this weekend--In good news, though, I have bookcases. Set up, filled up, and only SLIGHTLY overflowing.

So... this weekend was pathfinder fair. I got to sleep on a concrete floor, eat undercooked pancakes and overcooked hot dogs, run around in circles after a crowd of lovely kids, and just generally have a grand old time. We took a first place in advanced march and drill, too! Good job, kids! The trip was very tiring, but it was fun. I also ran into my old Religion teacher/mentor, Pastor Tom Decker, whom I had not seen in about 5 years so that was fun. :-)

Ok, I think the work needs to be done and removed from the desk before it collapses through the floor and lands in the garage. I dont want to have to go downstairs to fetch the pieces back up....

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