Monday, April 04, 2005


Having some trouble getting going this morning... I have chatted with Ash, Judd, and David, paid the rent, eaten breakfast, and picked up Andy's flight jacket from the tailor. Nothing else! Argh.

Trying to figure out if I trust Delta enough to put my wedding album in my checked suitcase or if Im going to pack a carry on suitcase with my computer and the album so I dont have to worry about it getting lost. The problem with that is that Im going to have to work on the plane, so would need to dig Puter (I have temporarily named my laptop Puter until I can find a more approriate name for him) out of the overhead bin...Why did the airlines have to go and lower the amount of bags you can bring on board? hehe. The computer bag is too small to put in anything except Puter, and the album is... bigger. Maybe I'll just get an open bag and put them both in... I could wrap Puter in a fleece or something for protection. gar. Anyone have suggestions of what I should do?

Heard from my love again. They are doing a ton of drills and he is very tired but doing good and looking forward to getting home next week sometime. I wont see him until the following Monday (wahhhh) but we'll be able to talk on the phone. :-) I left his jacket and a card in his car so he will get a nice little welcome home as soon as he gets off the transport. Im also going to set something up in our room so he gets that little extra welcome when he gets to the house.

Been chatting with Judd about the pope's death. Interesting how different denominations view death, belief, faith, inspiration, etc.

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