Friday, April 29, 2005

Historical Incidents of Interest

Ok, so there have been a couple of things that happened this week that I just have to share for posterity. One is funny/stupid and the other is just plain cool.

Funny Stupid Happening at the Boyd Residence

Andrew and I were getting ready to make dinner the other night and I noticed a little puddle of brownish fluid. Now, puddles of fluid do NOT appear in my kitchen. I have a rule. So I grab a paper towel to wipe out the offending puddle and... the towel sticks to it. I look up, and running down the hood of the stove is a trickle of the brown stuff! ACK! Husband gets into the picture and opens the cabinet to find that in the course of putting something back into the cupboard at some point, we accidentally put a hole in the ENORMOUS honey jar we bought at costco. The cabinet had honey all over the bottom, dripping through the cracks onto the hood, filling the cavern between the hood and the cupboard, etc. I was horrified.... and we're still trying to get it all out of that space between the hood and cupboard. Husband thought it was funny. >sigh<

Cool Thing That Happened On the Way Home From Pathfinder Fair

We had just turned the corner to approach Deception Pass Bridge when a Golden Eagle dove from the right across the road, snatched a squirrel/rat from the grass and lifted back up with it....about 5 feet in front of our car! A put on the brakes REAL fast or we would have hit him, but oh... it was soo amazing to see that! It was so close you could see his feathers and the look on the little rodent's face and the claws, etc. Awesome! The bird was HUGE, too...

Ok, posterity should be happy now. :-) Im off to eat breakfast and see if any more honey has appeared overnight.... if so. THE BLEACH IS WAITING! >evil laugh<

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