Saturday, May 14, 2005

10 Favorite Things... in no particular order

I am taking up the cause... as thrown at me by the Queen...My 10 favorite things, in no particular order:

1. My husband. I have known him for 10 years, been married to him for 7 months, and just love everything about him. Even those little annoying things that drive me nuts (can't think of any right now, but there MUST be some....). He is my best friend, my confidante, my lover....
2. My sisters... I love my sisters... they are my best girlfriends, understanding and sympathetic and crazy... perfect! They accept me for what I am, even when they are telling me Im WRONG and should CHANGE and what was I THINKING?!
3. Kitchen Stuff: Baking, cooking, stirring the bubbling pot... and right now? Apricot Creme coffee. Its my newest favorite thing. The Queen and I found a shop downtown this afternoon during our little ramble that carries gourmet coffees. I tried a cup of Apricot Creme this evening, with a purring cat and a good book... can't beat that for a cool Spring Sabbath evening when the husband is away...
4. Reading. I almost said reading and writing, but they are great in so many different ways and as much as I love writing... it is WORK for me. I love the research of it, and the words appearing on the page, but what I love most is READING what I or others have written. Reading is a way to transport myself from the real world to another one, be it a good one, a scary one, a silly one... its somewhere else and entertaining. My sis and I always read a lot growing up, and Ash and I used to beg to spend time together and then confuse our parents by seeing each other, shrieking with glee, and flinging ourselves onto my bed, the couch, or another handy soft surface and reading. "We thought you wanted to spend time together" they would say. We were! :-)
5. Marshalls. I know my sisters will understand this one, but there is just something about Marshalls... especially the big one in E. Norwalk, that is so therapeutic. Ash and I used to make it our Sunday "girls outing" to go and wander, and scavenge, etc. Its like a big garage sale that is indoors. You have to hunt for the good stuff, hunt even harder for the best deals, and then you get the fun of looking at weird things too....Ross is a decent substitute, but its not as much fun without the Bug along...
6. Grace and Jackson--I know someday there will be more babies in the family, and that I will eventually have my own. But for now... Grace and Jack are my BABIES. MY babies, no matter what their mothers think. :-) I miss them dreadfully and am horrified because of how much of their lives Im missing out on. Gracies first steps, Jax's first words... and even the bad things! My Gracie fell down the basement steps the other day. Poor little mite. :-( And Jackson has pneumonia! Anyway, they are both just wonderful blessings from God and cheer me immensely. Grace has taken to talking to me on the phone in her own little language and it always lifts my spirits to hear her solemnly telling me what's on her mind.
7. Traveling--The world is a great and beautiful place. Thanks to the wandering life we led as kids, I think I have permanently been imbued with a gypsy temperament. I dont' want to MOVE a lot, but I HAVE to travel. The husband and I are planning a nice long vacation once he gets home from cruise... have to start saving up for it! Top of my list of favorite travel destinations is Florence. I adore Italy overall, but Florence has that "je ne sais quoi."
8. New York City--There is nothing like HOME and I have to say that I consider the Greater NYC area HOME as I have never considered any place on earth. The vibe in the air, the opportunities, the energy. There is no comparison.
9. My cats. As much as they drive me nuts, I really love my "kids". They are such distinct personalities, and keep me from becoming too wrapped up in work or a book or the house by forcing their little heads and paws onto and into whatever Im doing.
10. Family--I have a great family, close and supportive. I guess that adage about the family that prays together stays together is very true for us! I got lucky enough to have FRIENDS not just RELATIVES. I even lucked out with the best in-laws in the world. God is good to me!
11. I decided to add a number 11 because there is something that I try to put in every part of my life, and figures largely in my enjoyment of the above...and that is...GOD. I dont always have the relationship with Him that I want to have, but I know He is there; laughing with me, crying with me, putting out His hands and guiding what I do as long as I ask Him for help and accept what He offers....

Ok, there are mine! I think Im going to toss the baton to Hummingboyd next... what are yours, Hummingboydus!?

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