Thursday, May 05, 2005

Chocolate Mooses

For all of you who like telling the editor when she mispells something.... I DID IT ON PURPOSE THIS TIME SO SHUT UP!


So, went to dinner last night at the home of my first ever Internet-only acquaintance and had a spiffy time. :-) Hubband said I only babbled a LEETLE bit, so we're well pleased. hehe. The food was great too... even though it was chocolate mooses (chocolate, blecch) for dessert (just kidding, Queenie, they were great...I emptied my dish!)

I do need to put a little disclaimer in here.... I DID look up the O.H. bloggers, and I DID find her that way... but I didn't read all the stuff that was on there! I only looked at ladies blogs ... and only those over 21! The goal was to find out A) what people near my age DO in this town, and B) perhaps find a friend that I can get away from the house with...I think I succeeded in the second, but the 1st... I STILL dont know what people do in this town! I did discover, in my searchings, a multiple personality person, a few overstressed stay-at-home moms, and ONE NORMAL PERSON (Hi, Queenie! I mean YOU!). Very fun.

And now, to LAUNDRY. hmm. Should that be "to launder".... and what about the dishes? WHAT ABOUT THEM?! Yes. I know. Im insane. So is my cat, who is currently trying to attack a piece of paper, my headphones, and the keyboard.... all at once. I wonder if HE has multiple personalities? Hmmmmmm.......

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Queenie said...

Ha! Laundry my aunt fanny! You're going out for coffee!